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What is a Comfort Care Home?

Comfort Care Homes are NOT a medical facility. They are a home just like anyone's home. A referral to Suzanne's can be made through the hospital, hospice, or a family member.

To qualify for Comfort Care a guest has to be diagnosed with a terminal illness and a 3 months or less prognosis. There is a maximum weight limit of up to 225lbs. Hospice can follow them to Suzanne's if they are already on Hospice or it can be set up for Hospice to follow. If Hospice is not involved your doctor HAS to be willing to follow you to comfort care.

We provide all comfort care that is needed and more. We do laundry, cooking, bathing,and  give doctor prescribed medications for comfort. We can have guests with feeding tubes, colostomies, nephrostomy tubes but NO Iv's or needles [even if they are diabetic]. If a guest is in hospice and they come to Suzanne's they, [hospice] will visit Suzanne's once a week to check on our guests status and order any medications needed  along with being on call for any concerns.

Comfort care homes require a Do Not Resuscitate [DNR] order because we do not call 911.

There are times when a guest comes and improves enough to "graduate" from comfort care. If a guest is approaching the 3 month time period they are medically re-evaluated . 

If a guest is physically able to go places with their families or friends we totally encourage it. We want you to live each day with what you are able to accomplish and we are there to help you!

Suzanne's Story

In her quest to find something to do with her time in retirement, Suzanne noticed there were no Comfort Care Homes in Wyoming County, NY. She decided Perry was the perfect place to get started. Suzanne's Comfort Care Home opened on May 8 2017 and has helped many families care for their loved ones in a peaceful comfortable environment.

Watch our video for the full story.

Serving Wyoming County and Surrounding Areas

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