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Your Donations Make Our Mission Possible

All donations are greatly appreciated and will be used for household expenses, staff, and patient/guest care. Suzanne's does not receive any insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid reimbursement. Since Suzanne's opened May 8th, 2017, we have had 112 guests to date. It has been such a wonderful experience and without so many people helping, it wouldn't be possible!

Make a Difference

Thank You

To all the Volunteers, families who entrusted us with their loved ones care, people who have stopped in and left donations of household products, cookies, food, etc. Organizations who have held fundraisers for us, people who have donated in the names of people who have passed, my family, friends, and my new friends that I have met since opening. We have a mission to help those in need and with all of the wonderful people that are involved we will!!


Mail-in Donations

You can also send donations to Suzanne's at: 167 North Main Street Perry N.Y. 14530

Serving Wyoming County and Surrounding Areas

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